Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Early 1948: Arabs recruit Nazis to kill Jews

Early 1948: Arabs recruit Nazis to kill Jews

Arab countries in 1948 realized that they had natural allies in fighting Jews: Germans who were in British POW camps in the Middle East during World War II.

The Germans had the advantage of real-world combat experience to be able to effectively train Arabs to throw the Jews into the sea.

Soon, it became apparent that there were other Nazi sympathizers who could be called upon to help in this jihad:

And soon, a more organized campaign was started by Egypt and Syria to recruit Muslims who had fought with the Nazis in Europe to act as mercenaries against the Jews in preparation for the upcoming, inevitable war.

Apparently, the International Refugee Organization operating in Europe was at least partially complicit in this plan to allow former Nazi sympathizers to be recruited to try to finish the job that Hitler didn't.

There has been much documented about the collusion of Arabs and Nazis, but the Nazi contributions to the Arab cause in 1948 and the active Arab recruitment of Nazi and Fascist elements appears to be a lesser-known chapter in this wicked partnership.

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