Tuesday, June 28, 2005


The power of lies

A sobering article in the June 28, 1935 edition of the Palestine Post:

Everyone knew what was happening in Nazi Germany. Everyone saw the vile Jew-hatred coming from Europe. (In the same edition of the Palestine Post was an article about how cities in Germany were stripping Jews of their citizenship, even before Hitler's national law disenfranchising Jews took effect.) While they may not have imagined genocide, it was very clear that for the foreseeable future Jews would be heavily persecuted in Europe.

Britain could have saved millions of the Jews by just allowing them to go to Palestine (and Cyprus and Trans-Jordan.) So why didn't they?

The reason is simple. They didn't want to upset the Arabs.

And the Palestinian Arab leaders had no qualms about playing up their "fears" that Jews would destroy the Al-Aqsa mosque, that they would "endanger the Arabs existence" - any convenient lie would do.

As can be seen in the Post on June 28, 1936:

Do these complaints sound familiar? They are the same complaints we have heard for the past 70 years. And they are just as absurd as they were then.

And the British weren't stupid. They knew that the Arabs were liars (also the same issue):

But lies are insidious. When someone hears a lie, even if they know it is false, it still affects them. A little bit of us tends to think, "What if it is true?" Or, more commonly, "Both sides are very passionate and I don't know all the facts - probably the truth is somewhere in between."

Couple that with the fact that the Western mind has a very hard time accepting that someone would lie to our faces. Hitler did it in the 30s, and the "relief" that could be felt in the West whenever he claimed that he was finished his expansionism was palpable. And they were always lies.

The Arabs learned very well from Hitler's playbook. A lie, repeated often enough, tends to be believed. And in this case the Arab lies about their "fears" of their future (rather than the Jew-hatred that was truly the source of their being against Jewish immigration) made the British pause and think that perhaps this year isn't the best time to allow Jews to save their lives - maybe next year, maybe after negotiations, maybe when the Arabs stop rioting and things calm down - maybe then we will do the right thing. But until then, it is easier to close our eyes and believe some of the lies coming out of the mouths of vile bigots.

Westerners are fans of fair play, of the adage that "there are two sides to every story." It is very hard to accept that one side is right and that the other side is lying.

Arab lies and British (and world) apathy helped combine to the destruction of European Jewry. And the Arabs have never stopped their campaign of getting rid of any Jews in positions of power in the Middle East, partially through their incessant repitition of anti-Semitic lies to their own people and to the apathetic West.

Each lie affects us all until they are called out and exposed for what they are. It is a moral responsibility to expose each Arab lie about Israel and Jews and show the liars to be the bigoted scum they are.

And it is the height of stupidity to believe the promises of liars.

Sunday, June 26, 2005


June 26, 1936: Ataroth Buries its Dead

As one reads articles about Arab terror against Jews (and the British) in the 1930s, it is hard not to notice eerie parallels to today's Arab terror.

For months in 1936, the Arabs rioted and terrorized the Jews and British in Palestine, ostensibly in protest of the increased Jewish influence and power in the land. There were shootings, bombings, and destruction of Jewish property and businesses, often parallel to the Nazi persecutions of Jews that were happening at the same time. The British did not treat the Arab criminals with kid gloves.

In the details of the murder mentioned in this article and the one following, notice that then as now, the Arab people closed ranks around the terrorists and criminals. They knew that the British would collectively punish entire villages where the terrorists came from and instead of giving up the criminals, the Arab residents would prepare for the punishment by getting rid of the articles the British would confiscate. The nascent hero-worship of Arab terrorists had already started decades before the current Palestinian idolization of murderers. And, as happens today, ordinary Arabs can be counted to support the worst Arab terrorists rather than appear to be on the Jews' (or West's) side.

Without understanding this history of terror-worship, without learning about how the current Arab culture of death pre-dates Israel's existence, one cannot hope to change anything. Superficial words and assumptions that these Arab murderers and their supporters are "just people like us" who will react positively to acts of goodwill and concessions are deadly miscalculations. At no time in history (that I am aware of) can one say that for Arabs, peace was a goal - when it was desired, it was merely a tactic in a war that spans centuries.

Which means that for any true peace to ever happen, the Arab world needs a complete change of culture - one abhorring violence rather than embracing it, one with a true desire for peace rather than a desire for the concessions that it expects will accompany it. Until then, anything that the West does is just a Band-Aid, and more often than not, counterproductive.

Also, in wake of this weeks attempted terror attack against an Israeli hospital by a Palestinian woman who had received treatment there, here is an article from the same issue about how Arab terrorists would try to use Jewish humanity as a means to kill them:

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