Friday, July 22, 2005


Friday, July 22, 1938: Another day of Arabs murdering Jews

The sheer number of terror attacks by Arabs against Jews in Palestine in the 1930s is astounding. The atrocities are reported in the Palestine Post with revulsion but also somewhat matter-of-factly; this day was not particularly unusual for the time period - before "occupation", before "settlements", when most of the land was still empty. The methods are eerily familiar to those who look at current terror attacks. The chaos and lawlessness that we now see daily in Gaza and in Arab areas of the West Bank were happening then - but the targets were mostly Jews.

All these events took place in one day. All of the following articles came from the July 22, 1938 Palestine Post.

The headline was for an especially gruesome act of terror, with the "bandits" murdering women and children at point-blank range while shouting praise to Mohammed.

Meanwhile, an attack against a vineyard resulted in another Jew being killed before the attackers were driven off:

Near the Dead Sea, another attack killed three more Jews doing surveying:

A man who was attacked by a mob in Haifa died of his injuries:

Another Arab Haifa mob attacked Jews as well:

Arabs were stopped while trying to bomb Tel-Aviv:

Of course, Jews weren't the only targets when tolerant, civilized Arabs went wild:

And for some strange reason, even Jews in neighboring countries were considered legitimate targets:

The British had an interesting punishment for Arabs who attacked them. Amazingly, there is not one record of international condemnation for this "crime":

At that time, Jews had a most appropriate response to Arab terror.

It is a shame that today's Zionists don't understand the power of such a move anymore. For those who fell, the early Zionists created a new settlement in their memory.

The only way terror can be fought is to make it counterproductive, and if every terror attack in the name of real estate would have a firm response of "Fine, now you lose more land," it would cease.

Giving away land for free would appear to have the opposite effect.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


1936: Arab incitement, terror, "condemnation." Repeat.

In 1936, the Arabs of Palestine and neighboring areas intensified their campaign of incitement against Jews moving into Palestine, with the usual lies about Jewish threats to Muslim holy places:

This incitement culminated in a series of murderous terror attacks against Jews by the Arabs in Palestine. Fatal shootings and bombings were everyday occurrences, with the victims invariably innocent civilians.

One particularly horrific day in Jaffa had two Jewish nurses murdered, with a third woman murdered as well while acting as a lookout. In the days surrounding these murders a 7-year old boy was blown up with an Arab bomb, a Jewish college student was shot and killed, a Jewish telephone repairman was murdered, a Jewish taxi driver was shot to death.

This was a few weeks into the Arab terror spree, and the world pretty much ignored Arabs murdering Jews. But the murder of the nurses touched a nerve and there was a measure of worldwide outrage towards this disgusting act of terrorism. So much so, that even an Arab organization decried the murders, as the Palestine Post opinion page that follows shows.

But then, as now, the "condemnation" of terror was hollow, and the Post pointed out the hypocrisy of denouncing a specific act of terror while not bothering to call for an end to the incitement and terror that preceded it.

So, just like today, we have Palestinian Arab leaders who incite their people to murder Jews, who whip up their people into a Jew-hating frenzy, who use their media and their mosques to broadcast the most hateful kinds of bigotry - and then who dutifully parrot their "condemnation" at any murders that occur in the wake of their agitation and who do nothing to stop the terror from continuing.

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